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Salvaging My Work Day!

I’ve alwaysIMG_0659 really liked shorter Mobile Games, that can be picked up and put down whenever it’s convenient and require little to no real focus on my part. These are the types of games that I can surreptitiously open during meetings while my phone is on mute and my bosses are discussing upcoming IDK forms.

This week, I started playing Dwim’s Salvage Company for the iPhone.

This game has everything I need to tune out the meaningless office drivel pouring out of the mouth’s of my inane coworkers.



The game time is short and the mechanics are trivially intriguing. The Player controls a crane as it descends into the oceans and tries to collect the most valuable…. treasure (?) they can. Your crane has a weight limit too, so it’s important that you only pick the most valuable treasures on each run.

I’m not very good. I kept getting couches, which were heavy and not particularly valuable. So just like my office meetings, I ended up accruing a collection of utterly worthless and menial things that I’d need to deal with for the rest of the week


Red and Blue

The Electronic Graffiti Team has added a new feature to spice up TumbleBall.

TumbleBall is a great game, don’t get me wrong; but, the team still felt that it could with a little… tweaking.

So the Team has added two new Balls (*chuckle*)

RedBall@3xRed Balls will slow down your Tumble Ball, making it harder to get to the gate in those last few seconds! But Tumble Balls rely on maneuverability as much as speed, and the Red Balls might make it easier for your Tumble Ball to turn those sharp corners.



Blue Balls (*second chuckle*) will speed up your Tumble Ball, making it easier for you to gather up those points, but also making it harder for the Tumble Ball to navigate the twisting corridors.