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Announcing: Project Red Sun


Project Red Sun is our latest project here at Electronic Graffiti, a space-themed strategy game focusing on optimizing a fleet of space ships as the player conquers the galaxy, all of which is optimized for phones and tablets.

We her at Electronic Graffiti are quite excited about this project and are really looking forward to sharing with you our progress throughout development.

Stay Tuned!

Velociraptor Cannibalism

This week’s board game was a recent Kickstarter favorite of mine: Velociraptor Cannibalism. This games has such a good title that I couldn’t even come up with anything more clever for the title of this post.

Velociraptor Canibalism

The main mechanics of this revolve around adding weird and quirky body parts to your velociraptor, each giving your velociraptor some kind of special ability. Most of these abilities are focused on making your velociraptor attacking the other player’s velociraptors, and the game definitely gears itself particularly toward conflict between the players, with the winning player usually being the one who is best able to attack the others around the table.

Usually games that focus on player conflict are a bit slow to get off the ground, with everyone at the table being afraid to draw first blood. I’ve always observed that people hate being the aggressors, and so situation, including board games, that reward this aggression always have a problem.

But eventually we all got into the spirit of tearing apart each other’s velociraptors, and good fun was had by all!

TumbleBall Development Launch

This month the Electronic Graffiti has begun work on our latest project, called TumbleBall.

Tumble Ball is a simple game in which the player manipulates gravity to collect points through procedurally generated levels!

There’s certainly going to be a lot of new challenges to this game, and we look forward to solving them!

Stay tuned during the development process!

New Intro Scene

Just got the first drafts of the new TumbleBall Intro Screen!