Was 50 days pregnant and would have delivered two babies in

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Out On Safari

For the last several years I’ve been a Google Chrome man.

I used to use Firefox until the Google published it’s own browser, and then there was a slow but steady transition from using primarily Mozilla’s browser to Google, and I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser ever since.

One of the main things that I’ll use Google Chrome for is to work on what iOS Apps I’m currently working with, which lead this past week to something of a tiff between myself and the Apple Support Staff.

This weekend I began tinkering with In-App Purchases, which I feel every App developer eventually does. One of the things that is needed before one even begins cutting code is to register yourself with Apple and sign Apple’s various legal documents. So I sat down to read through Apple’s license agreements and fill out the various forms they require.

Only I couldn’t.

I couldn’t seem to enter any of my contact information, or banking information, or any of the sundry tidbits of personal data. For some reason, I was completely cut-off. I couldn’t even see their drop-down menus. I was utterly flummoxed.

This led me to call the Apple Support Team for their assistance; and after reading through the prescripted responses, they informed me that:

“iTune Connect may have limited functionality on browsers other than Safari”.

And I’ll be honest, this statement confused the hell out of me, because what I’d witnessed was not something that I would label “limited functionality”, it was “no functionality”. The site did not do what it was required to do. There is only one objective, and iTunes Connect doesn’t accomplish it in Chrome.

My mind boggles!

Although, I have to hand it to apple Support, no functionality is a hell of a limitation.

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Playing a Berlin as black, Howell’s penchant for going for

moncler outlet store Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose Haryana to launch the nationwide camnpaign called ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ (Save the Girl Child, Educate Her). The scheme will focus on fighting female foeticide and empowering women through education. Haryana has the worst sex ratio (number of females per 1,000 males) and child sex ratio in the country. moncler outlet store

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moncler jackets outlet online Congress leader Sonia Gandhi took on the K Chandrasekhar Rao government at her maiden rally in Telangana on Friday, alleging that it has done nothing for farmers or cheap moncler youth over the last four years. “The Chief Minister has cared only for himself and his own people, leaving Telangana to suffer. People who aren’t true to their word aren’t worth trustin.. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler coats for women Thirteen terrorists were killed in multiple pre dawn operations in Shopian and Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. Three Army personnel lost their learn this here now lives in the operations. Two of the killed terrorists were responsible for the murder of Army officer Ummer Fayaz who was dragged out of a wedding and shot dead last year. moncler coats for women

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Platform Generation

Now that we have our Grid Laid out, we can move on with our Platform Generation Methods.

Our platform generation algorithm will break down into 5 Steps:
1. We will create a new sprite node for our Platform.
2. We will use the methods we developed last time to determine the position of our Platform.
3. We will set the Physics attributes of our Platform (in our case we will treat our Platforms like SKPhysicsBody).
4. We will add the Platform to our PlatformNode.
5. We will add the Platform to our Platform Buffer of our PlatformNode.


Here’s our code for this algorithm:

– (void) generatePlatformAtPosition:(CGPoint) mapPosition
// 1. Create a new SKSpriteNode
SKSpriteNode *newPlatform = [SKSpriteNode spriteNodeWithTexture:self.platformBrickTexture];

// 2. Set the Position by converting the grid coordinate system to the coordinate of the Scene
newPlatform.position = [self convertMapCoordinateToWorldCoordinate:mapPosition];

// 3. Set Up the Physics Attributes
newPlatform.physicsBody = [SKPhysicsBody bodyWithRectangleOfSize:CGSizeMake(self.platformBrickTexture.size.width,
newPlatform.physicsBody.dynamic = NO;
newPlatform.physicsBody.restitution = 0.0f;
newPlatform.physicsBody.friction = 1.0f;

// 4. Add the SKSpriteNode to our Platform Node
[self addChild:newPlatform];

// 5. Add the SKSpriteNode to our Platform Buffer
[platformBlockBuffer addObject:newPlatform];

Now we can add a platform at whatever position we want.

Next time we’ll start adding and removing the platforms dynamically.


Positioning the Platforms – Dos Equis

Last time we built a function to add Platforms to our Scene at a specified point, so we can place our platforms wherever we want! All we need is an X-Y Coordinate in our tile grid that we’ve already developed here:

But just getting the platforms scrolling along our scene is really the easy part; the tricky part is developing a procedure to place them in order to make our game looked like a pre-designed platform level.

There are two parts to this issue: getting an X-coordinate, and getting a Y-coordinate. The first part will be fairly easy, and the second part will take a bit more design work.

To select our Platform’s X-Coordinate, we’ll use the platform buffer we developed previously.

If you recall, the entire point of our platform buffer was to hold all of our Platform Nodes as they scroll across the screen. This means that if  we can visualize our platform buffer as a line of Platform Nodes positioned across the screen, with the first Platform Node in our Platform Buffer as being the first Platform Node in a line of across the screen and the last Platform Node in our Platform Buffer as being the last Platform Node in a line of across the screen.

This is a pretty key concept, here! What this concept allows us to do is simply use a Platform’s position in the Platform Buffer as it’s X-Coordinate.

We’ll implement this in a new method below:


This method will add a new platform, using the generate platform method we developed previously. We place the platform at the end position of our platform buffer.

For now we’ve got the platform’s X-coordinate sorted out, and we just place at a height of 4 four now, but we’ll be changing that later.

(Privacy Policy)HubPages Google AnalyticsThis is used to

moncler jackets men During a scene toward the middle of the film, Batman gets in an argument with Wonder Woman about the morally questionable decision to bring Superman (Henry Cavill) back to life to help them fight. Affleck, in support of the whole resurrection scheme, claims that villains like Steppenwolf (Ciarn Hinds)aren’t out there talking”about ethics.” (Instead, Steppenwolf’s ignoring ethical demands and, you know, doing villainous things like swinging his cool ax and setting up his headquarters in a mostly uninhabited area of the world. So they should just resurrect Superman already!). moncler jackets men

moncler outlet online store UK Outlook (Friday and Saturday) : Tomorrow there will be sunny spells for many, especially further south during the morning and evening. However, there will be heavy showers in the north east of the country with brisk winds, along with generally cloudy conditions. On Saturday, mostly cloudy with heavy rain, especially in the south.. moncler outlet online store

moncler coats for women Those comments stand in stark contrast to last year’s Senate report on the CIA’s torture program. That study, which had bipartisan support on the Hill, charged that the CIA mismanaged and abused its interrogation program, and that the use of the harsh tactics was far more widespread and abusive than the agency let on. The report also challenges moncler jacket sale CIA claims that the use of torture provided intelligence that was unavailable otherwise.. moncler coats for women

Moncler Factory Outlet You can set the system to work in three languages, and it learns the names and slang moncler outlet uk terms that you use regularly. The keyboard also neatly solves the clumsy finger problem. If you regularly accidentally hit the “Q” when you moncler factory outlet really mean “W,” the software begins to recognize the error and starts automatically compensating for your fat fingers.. Moncler Factory Outlet

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moncler coats for men Why wait for the rape victim to inform the police when you can do the same and since you the first one to report it it be the other person who gets convicted for rape. That is so indicative of how incels view women. It is just so sad. Domestic stock markets rose about 1 per cent on Monday, taking positive cues from Asian peers. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) benchmark index Sensex ended at 35,354.08, up 373.06 points or 1.07 per cent from the previous moncler outlet jackets close, and the Nifty50 index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) rose 101.85 points or 0.97 per cent to close at 10,628.60. The ind.. moncler coats for men

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Needless to say, minds were blown! We drove around listening to that tape for hours that night. The best thing though, was that Foo Fighters played a festival in our city in early 96. The tape was one thing, but seeing Dave do that shit live made us the most loyal fans ever..

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Fishman said once the credit limits were raised

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History of the Hyperiad Empire

Marcus Valerius Solus stood beside the Promethean Emperor at the Hyperion Nova when the First Emperor bent space and time to destroy the Hegemony home world. Marcus watched the star burned and and the 100 billion people that burned with it.

-Plinny Primus

The Promethean Fire