The Valerii

Of all the noble houses, save the Servillians, the Familias Valerii have stood closest to the Imperial Family. They have often championed the Emperor, both in the Senate and on the battlefield.Now that the last emperor as died, it is the Valerii that advocate strongest for the quick appointment of a new Emperor, maintaining a balance of power between the Senate and the Emperor. And if it the Valerii that must occupy the Imperial throne, then so be it.

As the galaxy moves towards civil war , the Valerii stand ready to exert their significant politcal strength to dominate the coming conflict.



The Furii

The Familias Furii are an anomaly amongst the Greater Houses, as they are the only Patron Dynasty to have never held Consular Office.

Eschewing politics almost entirely, the Furii devote themselves almost entirely to the arts of war and are respected for being the most capable military leaders in the galaxy. The 13th Legion, long considered the strongest military force in the Empires, has been commanded by the Furii since the founding of the Empire.

Because of their continued prowess on the fields of war, the Furii often find themselves far removed from the Imperial court on Hyperia, commanding the Emperor’s armies across the far reaches of the galaxy.

Now that the last Emperor has died, the Furii are ready to turn the disciplined ranks of their Imperial  Legions to the task of galactic conquest.



The Severan

The Familius Severan has not had a particularly distinguished past since the founding of the Empire. If anything, they are remarkable for their lack of grand achievement of momentary glory.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, this fact the Severan have made a steady rise through the ranks of their fellow Patrons over the millennia. Through well-placed military appointments, consistently conservative political maneuvering, and fortuitous marriages, the Severan have positioned themselves amongst the Twelve Greater Houses as one of their newest members.

With a broad power-base and centuries of methodical ambition, the Severan are prepared to take full advantage of the death of the Last Emperor.