Out On Safari

For the last several years I’ve been a Google Chrome man.

I used to use Firefox until the Google published it’s own browser, and then there was a slow but steady transition from using primarily Mozilla’s browser to Google, and I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser ever since.

One of the main things that I’ll use Google Chrome for is to work on what iOS Apps I’m currently working with, which lead this past week to something of a tiff between myself and the Apple Support Staff.

This weekend I began tinkering with In-App Purchases, which I feel every App developer eventually does. One of the things that is needed before one even begins cutting code is to register yourself with Apple and sign Apple’s various legal documents. So I sat down to read through Apple’s license agreements and fill out the various forms they require.

Only I couldn’t.

I couldn’t seem to enter any of my contact information, or banking information, or any of the sundry tidbits of personal data. For some reason, I was completely cut-off. I couldn’t even see their drop-down menus. I was utterly flummoxed.

This led me to call the Apple Support Team for their assistance; and after reading through the prescripted responses, they informed me that:

“iTune Connect may have limited functionality on browsers other than Safari”.

And I’ll be honest, this statement confused the hell out of me, because what I’d witnessed was not something that I would label “limited functionality”, it was “no functionality”. The site did not do what it was required to do. There is only one objective, and iTunes Connect doesn’t accomplish it in Chrome.

My mind boggles!

Although, I have to hand it to apple Support, no functionality is a hell of a limitation.

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